Dr. Saad encyclopedia

Name :- Dr. Saad.
Born :- Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Citizenship :- Bangladesh.
Education:- Willes Little Flower School & College.

International Open University.

The People's University of Bangladesh.

Stamford University Bangladesh
Occupation:- Businessman, Writer, Researcher, Mentor & Advisor, Teacher,General & Religious Researcher, Thinker, Journalist
Years active:- 2017-Present.
Title :- Co-Founder & Managing Director (CEO): Infonex Software International Ltd.

Founder, Publisher & Chief Journalist: Voice Of Journal.

Advisor, Teacher & Chief Researcher: Jamia Modinatul Ulum Hafezia Kaomi Madrasa & Orphanage.
Net Worth :- *Information is not publicly available.
Spouse(s) :- Not married, Single.
Siblings:- Toufiq Ahmed Sagor (Brother).
Parents :- Md. Mozammel Hoque (Father).
Mrs. Lota Hoque (Mother).