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Dr Saad, Businessman, Investor, Writer

Dr. Saad was born and grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Dr. Saad is a Bangladeshi Businessman, Writer, Researcher, Journalist, Teacher, Mentor & Advisor. Started his career in Infonex Software International Limited (2014) as a Co-Founder And Director.
Now Infonex is an award-winning software/IT company in Bangladesh, also providing services especially itsclients all over the world. Currently, he is holding a Managing Director (CEO) position in the company after his massive success in the company. He has many other entities too. He also plays an important role with many other companies & organisations as an advisor with his piety and great knowledge.He has earned a lot of awards in the course of his life with great honour including the “Youth Leadership Award-2018”...


  • I named my son after Dr. Saad. Dr. Saad is my idle, the best person in the world ever I seen. I want my son will be a good person Like Dr. Saad. I started to make my son as second Dr. Saad by naming him after Dr. Saad. May Allah accept my prayer. Ameen.

    maruf Image
    -Eng. Md. Maruf Siddique

    Software engineer.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Dr. Saad is a good thinker, businessman, Islam researcher, problem finder and solver. In my view, a person like Dr. Saad needs the guidance of the next generation. He is a very intelligent person. As Bangladeshi I can say, a man like him is needed in every sector.

    Md. tanzim Hossen Image
    - Md. Tanzim Hossen

    Software Engineer
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • You are like a brother to me. I am lucky to have you . in every situation good or bad you were always there for me and I am really thankful. Again thank you for being there for me.

    Mossadack Hossain Noyon Image
    - Mossadack Hossain Noyon.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • The Saad Foysal Ahmed, who I am friend with since 2013, is a really honest and religious man. He is also a businessman. He always told me to lead an honest lifestyle. One of the virtues I truly admire him for that he never supports any wrongdoing and always stand true even in his worst situation. He has a vision for the betterment of his countrymen and I hope that he makes his vision into reality in the near future. All the best for your future endeavours

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    - Raiyan Al Niloy

    Medical Student
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • The Saad vai or bro no matter what I call u, u will always be an ideal for me. The thing I most like about you is your that manly personality and humble behaviour for your younger brothers. I learned one thing from you that is " Stay focus to your main goal rather than your temporary happiness ". And I hope this will lead me to a better future for myself.

    mahin Image
    - Mahin Hasan

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • The Mr. Saad Faysal Ahmed is a very determined young Muslim entrepreneur from Bangladesh with an open mind and sophisticated worldview. I take great pleasure in discussing with him about religion, life, business market, career and so on. He is honest, smart, hardworking and creative as far as I'm concerned. He is sure to have a fulfilling and successful career.

    Shabab Zulkarnayn Image
    - Shabab Zulkarnayn

    Engineering student
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Dedicated/Talent/Helpful/Honest

    Md. fazly Image

    Student (Aiub)
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • 1)Dedicated (work) 2)Trustable 3)Helpful.

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    Electrical Engineer
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • You are very good friend... Great personality... Great Beard 😍 ..we had a nice chat 💗 i like your personality..

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    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Assahlamualaikum dr. Saad maybe you don't know this but im one of your big fan because of your good knowledge and attitude in islam i really like your attitude and research. I did not yet read all your research but some of your research capture my heart and knowledge i hope you make more research specially about the religion of islam and spread it to our brothers and sisters 😍 you are a good sample in youth dr. Saad thank you and wasahlam.

    Md. tanzim Hossen Image

    Saudi Arabia.

  • Dear the Saad Bro , I know you since 2016 and from the very beginning I found you as a very Supportive and kind person . You are very helpful however you also support me like your Younger brother . Moreover you always showed me the correct way life . I am blessed to have a elder brother like you and Hope you will always support me like your Younger brother

    Mitil Image

    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Dear the Saad sir , I don't know you very well but the way research about Islam it is really mesmerized me. Nowadays every person is busy with their personal stuff but you are different from them, you always try show the best way to every person and I am on of them who helped by you. It's a blessing for me. At last I want to say that you are doing a great job don't stop it everybody will keep you in their blessings.

    Rahim Image

    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • You are very kind and cooperative person. I've worked with you on international platform and you were amazing. Thank you for being polite to me. Indeed you are a great person.

    Md. tanzim Hossen Image

    Blogger Affiliate marketer and Graphic Designer.

  • Dr. Saad a name of the knowledge seeker, have the good leading capacity, a Business idea generator. Most importantly he is a good person.

    Md. tanzim Hossen Image
    -Md Masum Siddique


  • Dr Saad is a very intelligent and wise man who is always willing to help people, he has helped me on my journey towards Islam and is someone I can rely on for honest and accurate information and advice, I thank him a lot.

    Md. tanzim Hossen Image
    - Dena Ahmet

    London, UK
    Assistant manager, Burberry



Infonex Software International Limited.

Managing Director (CEO)

Latest Security Services Ltd.


Advisor of

Update Tech Ltd.

Tech company


The IT King Ltd.

Tech company


Bangladesh North Bangal Agro Foods Ltd

Food & Beverage Company

চন্ডিখালী হাফেজিয়া মাদ্রাসা ও এতিমখানা

Islamic School, College & Orphanage

Jamia Modinatul Ulum Hafezia Kaomi Madrasa & Orphanage

Islamic School, College & Orphanage


Tech company


Member of

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)

Affiliate Member

e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB)


Dr. Saad Museum

Honorary Doctorate

Received Honorary Doctorate degree on 5th February 2020.

Youth Leadership Award

Received Youth Leadership Award 2018

Writer on Quora

Became Top Topic Writer on Quora

Best Studentship

Received several awards on best studentship

arts and crafts

Received several awards on arts and crafts

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    90, Musafir Tower, 4th floor,
    Infonex Software's office, Dhaka-1000

  • https://t.me/OriginalDrSaad