The Dr. Saad doesn't like to introduce himself on/by his own, rather he leaves this job to others to introduce his brilliant and praiseful bio in short words. Let's see what everyone is talking about him and also don't forget to check out the testimonial section to know his brilliant characteristic and love the all we have for him:
"Serial Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Investor, International writer, and Researcher The Dr. Saad is best known for his role in raising the voice of youth with receiving 'Youth Leadership Award-2018'. He earned an honorary doctorate degree with the highest honour."
"Bangladeshi Industrialist The Dr. Saad is best known for his witty and charming roles in several investments in various successful and creative business ideas. He started his journey as a Director of Infonex Software International Limited (2014). Now Infonex is the leading software company in Bangladesh also providing services especially its support all over the world. 2-3 years later of his first business established successfully he started spending money as an investor and started his journey as a passive moneymaker. Bayannonews.com, dropshipping business, the E-Commerce business is some platform of his investment. You will see his expertise in writing including a soft corner for writers. Though he is Muslim in by born and also a practising Muslim in religion but also he is a world religion researcher. In Quora and WordSence you will see, he is giving different answers to different questions that come from different people from a different religion. He is a man of honour and respect. Stay connected with his the dr-saad.com to get his latest research-based articles."-(Md. Maruf Siddique, Editor of Bayanno News)