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What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time, I read books from Blinkist, articles from Medium or Quora, sometimes watch Youtube, and sometimes play video games (but very rare).-(By Dr. Saad).
What is the best part about you? I hate to praise myself. But as you asked me, I would like to answer it. The best part of myself is, I love charities and giving gifts to others.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is the worst part about you? Like all of us, we are not perfect. We have flaws and faults. We all have the best part and bad/worst part. I am also an ordinary person like you or all of us. I have flaws also etc. My worst part is, I easily trust people and the people break my trust.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is your purpose in this life? To complete or become successful in the purpose of my creation from my creator.- (By Dr. Saad).
What upsets you the most about the world? The increase of Ignorance. The increases in rape and crime rate etc.-(By Dr. Saad).
Who is your idol? Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I name it, I mean it.-(By Dr. Saad).
What are your current goals? Become the best person possible. Earn a lot of money. Increase my social skill. Learning and increase my knowledge (all kinds of). To become a better Muslim.-(By Team of Dr. Saad).
What wakes you up from bed? what excites you the most? My life's goals, purposes and my personal ultimate wants in/of life.-(By Dr. Saad).
Are you a scholar or pious? No, I am not a scholar, nor a prophet, nor a sahabi (the companion of the prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him], nor a pious. I am just a regular practising Muslim with a lot of faults and flaws.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is your life's ultimate goal? I don't share my goals with anyone. Sorry.-(By Dr. Saad).
Why do you have haters? Why do people hate you? You question reminds me of a quote of mine- "There was and is no successful person in the world who had and has lovers but not haters". I hope this quote answers your question.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is your age? Sorry, for some reasons, I don't tell/share my age.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is your father's name? My father's name is Md. Mozammel Hoque.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is your mother's name? My mother's name is Mrs. Sansad Begum (Lata Hoque).-(By Dr. Saad).
Why there is hate, allegations and negative claims against you? You question reminds me of a quote of mine- "There was and is no successful person in the world who had and has love, praise and positive claims but not any hate, allegations and negative claims against him/her". I hope this quote answers your question.-(By Dr. Saad).
Why are you so successful? Alhamdulillah! I am successful because Allah (the almighty) made me successful. All credit goes to him. Secondly, I do smart hard working with proper knowledge and intelligence. To know more about why I am successful and how I attain success. Ask me more specific questions.-(By Dr. Saad).
Who maintains your website and the information provided on this site? The website of Dr. Saad is maintained, developed, the information provided by the personal team of Dr. Saad.-(By Team of Dr. Saad).
Whom you love the most? Allah (the almighty). I love him the most.-(By Dr. Saad).
Whom you hate the most? I hate them the most, who do the crimes of rape.-(By Dr. Saad).
What is your net worth? Sorry, I don't share my net worth publicly.-(By Dr. Saad).
Why your many question's answers contradict with each other? It is maybe the first question was answered at such time and circumstances, the next question's answer was given at such time and circumstances. For example, if you ask in 2015 that what car does Dr. Saad own and the same question you ask in 2020, the answer won't be the same. Because the answer can be different if Dr. Saad changes his car between 2015 to 2020. That doesn't mean the answer is contradicting with each other. Its just time and circumstances that changes the answer of a specific question. Its that simple.-(By Team of Dr. Saad).
Do you have your own private/personal team? Yes, I have several personal/private teams.-(By Dr. Saad).

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